With the Houston real estate prices rising, your residential property has probably been over assessed and is likely costing you much more in property taxes than you should be paying.

We can help you protest your property tax assessment with the Harris and Fort Bend County Appraisal Districts, lowering the appraised value of your home and reducing the property taxes you pay each and every year. We will aggressively pursue every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes:

1) Informal hearings;    2) Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings;   3) Judicial appeals

Our property tax services is registered with Harris County and Fort Bend County. We do not charge any upfront fee. You pay nothing unless we reduce the amount you pay in property taxes.

Service Fee = Property Appraised Value Reduction * Property Tax Rate * 50% (One Time Fee Only For Current Year)

For example, if your property appraised value is $300,000 and tax rate is 3%. Through our help, your appraised value is reduced by $20,000 to $280,000; then your tax saving for current year = $20000*3% = $600; and our one time service fee = $20000*3%*50% = $300.


​Method 1: Online Registration


​- You pay NOTHING ​unless we save you money!

Method 2:

Step 1: Fill the registration form - Texas Property Tax Form 50-162

Step 2: Fill the "Property Tax Service Agreement"
Step 3: Sign and scan the above two forms, and then email to katytexascpa@gmail.com.

Once we receive your request, we will do market research and inform you how much reduction we can get for your property; and then represent you to deal with County Appraisal District. 

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